Saturday, January 1, 2011

Haiti: Tout a Jesu Depot #2

I read Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees years ago, and not much of the book remains with me except a general memory of enjoyment and affection, a few plot and character points, and the fact that one character named his mechanic business “Jesus is Lord Used Tires.” I’ve always considered it a playful and creative minor plot point.

When I noticed a convenience store called “Tout a Jesu Depot #2,” I was delighted to find a real life business with (what I thought of as) a similarly quirky a name. As time went on, however, I noticed that “Everything for Jesus Depot #2,” is in fact a fairly tame name for a Port-Au-Prince business. I have no idea if Kingsolver was thinking of Haiti, but I have no doubt she would appreciate the local nomenclature.

Some of the highlights [with rough translation] include:
• Notre Dame de Perpetual Secors Dry Cleaning: Presse Immediate [Our Lady of Perpetual Help Dry Cleaning: Ironing Immediately (?)]
• Dieu qui Dirrige Pharmacie [God who Guides Pharmacy]
• Christ Capable Matériel Construction [Capable Christ Construction Supplies]
• Pere Eternal Lotto [Eternal Father Lottery]
• Chere Maitre Auto Ecole [Dear Lord Automotive School]
• Force Divine Dry Cleaning [Divine Force Dry Cleaning]
• Faveur de Dieu Boutique Bourgeoise [God’s Favor Bourgeois Boutique]
• Christe Vivant Shop Soudrire [Christ Lives General Store]
• Coeur Immaculaee Supermarchet [Immaculate Heart Supermarket]
• Puissance de Dieu Car Wash Rom.8:1.31 Auto Parts Bar Resto [Power of God Car Wash Romans.8:1.31 Auto Parts, Bar, and Restaurant]
• Le Sang de Jesu Chambre Froid et Glaces [The Blood of Jesus Refrigeration and Ice]

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Erika said...

Love it. Love love love love love it. You should send this to Barbara Kingsolver, for real.