Saturday, October 20, 2007

thanks for the send-off!

You have given us a most magnificent ceremonial departure. We almost don't want to leave!

First, on Thursday, we had a lovely party of Erika's work-people at the posh 6B downtown, where we toasted and joshed the night away and ate delicious cake. Extra-special guests there included Erika and Lisa's mom and their family friend Lisa-the-elder visiting from England. Next came a family after-party in Brigham Circle eating tasty tasty food, praising our mother for giving birth to us twins, and lauding the glory and perfection of entire line of Jaffa Cakes (samples of which Lisa-the-younger and I are now proud possessors).

Then last night, many of you gathered at The Field (an Irishish pub) in Central Square in Cambridge for a more ribald affair. By the end of the evening, we almost filled that whole back room. Lindsay made us the best birthday card ever (a novella adventure story involving Galapagos tortoises, Barbara Bush, and cornbread), no one was injured by the pool cues, the fries were perfectly fried, and Erika was only one throw away from winning at darts. We feel the love, y'all. We'll miss you.

A Deliberate Journey

Since I (Erika) worked for a church until yesterday, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that my former workplace holds chapel services for the staff once a week. I led this week's service, speaking about why Petra and I have chosen to leave our jobs and go off into the wild blue yonder. I was speaking to a Unitarian Universalist audience, so this won't make total sense to those non-UUs out there, but if you're curious, you can read my sermon and other service texts here: