Monday, February 18, 2008

on the fly

ok, at a really really expensive internet cafe (is there any other kind?), so this is going to be shorthand:

we have an apartment, right in downtown Melbourne, which means it is really convenient and makes our commutes supereasy but which also means it's really tiny. but at least it is ours. photos and address forthcoming, the later in an email.

petra's job is going really well so far, even though she has a cubicle.

it's really, really hot. and there isn't enough water. no surprises there, but it's still surprisingly uncomfortable.

last night we went to a great outdoor short film festival -- TropFest 2008 -- with an assortment of the cousins and other family. great fun, rather idyllic really. i'm enjoying being part of an astoundingly well-populated, fun, intelligent, good-looking Italian family. and the films were fantastic. and my favorite one won. "Marry Me," with fantastic 8-year-old actors.

did I mention it's hot here?

more soon, I promise.