Thursday, September 20, 2007

calling all donations

Volunteering costs money! We will be spending $1,300 in New Orleans:
  • work pants, $35-50 each, 2 pairs <$100 total
  • work gloves, $15 each, 2 pairs $30
  • goggles, $10
  • steel toed boots, $70
  • $20/day food + housing x 2 people x three weeks= $840 total
  • gas to drive down and back, $250
Help us out with this!

By donating to the Help-Erika-and-Petra-Do-Good-Things Fund, you can vicariously volunteer, and ensure that good things get done.

If you can give $20 or more, please do. $20 would cover the fee for volunteering for one of us for one day. But really, any amount that you can donate would be a great help. You can give us donations in person, or send checks to:
Erika Nonken (or) Petra Aldrich
c/o Lilli Rhodes
P.O. Box 123
Hebron, CT 06248
You can also use PayPal to donate with a credit card or bank account:

If by some fever of generosity we raise more than we need for our own part in this work, we will donate all extra $ to Hands On New Orleans. We will also be leaving our work gear behind as a further donation, to help volunteers who can't afford the gear be able to participate in the future.

Thanks in advance for helping to rebuild New Orleans!

making plans for volunteering in New Orleans

We are well on our way toward the first phase in our adventure.

Even though it has been more than two years since the 2005 hurricanes, the Gulf Coast area is still in disarray. There is sadly a lot of work to be done. We are going to pitch in and do what we can to help.

After finishing up our last day of work on Oct. 19th, we will be driving down to New Orleans to volunteer Oct. 27-Nov. 17.

The organization we will be volunteering with is Hands On New Orleans. They not only work to gut and rebuild homes and school buildings in the Gulf Coast area, but also tutor children in New Orleans; clean, exercise, and entertain the thousands of abandoned animals in shelters throughout the city; provide day-care for volunteer and professional workers; and match up volunteer's professional skills with local non-profit restoration organizations. Our skills and time will be well-used, and Petra's hands won't be destroyed in the process.*

We will be staying in the Hands On housing, which is essentially a giant hostel built in the basement of a large downtown church. It will be tight, but we're used to that.

We're looking forward to getting to do something about this mess we've been hearing about for years, getting our hands dirty with some real and meaningful work, and meeting other volunteers from around the world. We're also excited about exploring this fabled city, eating hot Cajun food, basking in the Gulf sun, and attending the popular First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.

We'll keep you updated as these plans move along!

*Petra has severe chronic tendinitis in her arms as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, so can't use her hands much at all.