Monday, April 19, 2010

New York, here we come!

Hi everyone! I have all sorts of exciting things to share with you from my last month in Thailand, my weeks in Australia, and my experience coming home to the USA, but that will all have to wait, because I have BIG NEWS to share!

We're moving to NEW YORK CITY!

I've accepted a place at Columbia University to get an MA in International Affairs. It promises to open all the doors I want opened, and should set me up perfectly for my professional future. I'm thrilled! (Can-can dancing around the kitchen to Sinatra's "NY NY" with a glass of proseco in my hand.)


Sarah said...

Sad that you are going to NYC! But I know you will have a great time!

clairebearkiss said...

Huzzah! Let me know if/how I can help you make the transition, I came here for grad school nearly 5 years ago (such an old timer, haha).