Monday, June 15, 2009

do some good! (another library)

A request from my resourceful and impeccably trustworthy friend Nan, who has been working to develop this school for some time:

(Nan's in the back row with a green shirt, cheering)

We are going to renovate the school library at Ban Ko Chang School, Ranong, Thailand on 4-7 July 2009.

Within the island and surrounding areas many families live in inadequate accommodation. The community, mostly Moken Thai and ethnic Burmese fishermen, was badly affected by the tsunami. The Ban Ko Chang School is still inadequate, with only 2 classrooms and 4 teachers. All students, ages 3-12, have to share the classrooms and teachers together, and have few resources. So our group would like to help develop it as much as we can through our resources and our minds.

Our group is a small voluntary group, working together with the vision to help the children grow strong. We think that books are very important for them: without books, how can they be strong? I hope that our work and our books can help them be good people in the future.

If you are too far from me to come help in July, you can make a financial donation for support the renovation of the school library. Even $5 USD goes a very long way here. The money will go to buy paint, brushes, ground sheets, etc., as well as books. We have already raised $570 USD, and need $1000 USD more to be able to make this library come true.

For those who live in Thailand, we would love to see many people come and join in our work or donate some things that you don’t need like used books, clothes, shoes, and whatever else you want to donate for them.

Your donation can make a big difference in the lives of children in need. These kids can really change the world if they have the equipment they need to do it! We would be glad to see our project become the important beginning of the children’s future. We would love to see children’s smiles when they see their new library. It would be great if we can share their happiness together.

If you have any questions you can ask me.

Hope, Love, make the world beautiful …

You can also contact Nan directly to donate money or goods from within Thailand.

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Cecily said...

You three are the most amazing people I know.

Let me know how to donate from outside Thailand so I can pass the word around? I know some teachers who might be into sending you some green. (cecily dot steele at gmail dot com)

Petra said...

Hi Cecily -- There's a donate button now, so you can just forward the link to this blog to anyone you think might want to help. Thanks a bunch!