Thursday, April 9, 2009

political tensions, but we're ok

For those of you who follow the news: Yes, Bangkok has "ground to a halt" (most government and transportation in gridlock) because of the most recent ongoing coup attempt, this time by Thaksin supporters). If you haven't seen the news, see the Bangkok Post. No, it doesn't affect us at all: our out-of-the-way neighborhood is the same as it ever is, tasty food and friendly people and brisk traffic and all. We're planning to leave the city anyways this evening for a week-long holiday in Chiang Mai in the northern mountains, so if it gets more touchy here we'll be well out of it. We'll keep you updated, but seeing as it hasn't affected us yet and that previous coups have been ambivalent and even kind to foreigners, I expect we'll be just fine.


ruchi said...

thank god u guys are ok! been missing u two a lot here... big hug!

Rob Wilson said...

I demand that you be okay. Stay safe and out of harms way. Thinking of you guys. Be well.