Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick (McCain) or Treat (Obama?)

Happy Halloween! One of my favorite holidays for sure. In its modern form, it’s cultural catharsis, acknowledgement of death and fears, easement of taboos, performative identities, candy, titillation, it’s got it all. And Halloween’s traditionally about paying heed to the day on which the lingering remnants of the departed are most powerful as the barrier and balance between two worlds, one of death and one of life, is at its most precarious.

Sounds like the elections to me.

While goulies and ghosties may give a start, what scares me most are things in reality: state-sanctioned torture, corruption, willful toxic pollution, greed, war, climate change, and neglect are more horrifying than any fancy. So on this day when we play with our fears, let’s acknowledge the real terrors that would await us in the next four years if John McCain is elected President. The choice is up to you: more tricks, or the treat of a competent leader bringing positive change.

There’s only four days left ‘til the election. Vote for Barack Obama on Nov. 4th, and help others to do the same. (We voted last week!) To find your polling place and to learn more about Obama, see the “seriously for Obama” links on the right.

In the meantime, enjoy the cute song and the special Halloween Obama links below!

Halloween and Silliness for Obama
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Barack and Babies
I got a crush on Obama

Seriously for Obama
where to vote
election projections
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Obama inspires black community
song: Yes We Can
speech: "Yes We Can" in NH
speech: in the Virginia rain
to Sarah Palin from Young Women
song: We Are The Ones
Melbourne Uni Students for Obama


A'Llyn said...

Yay voting! I can't wait for Tuesday.

MJ Kramer said...

Yeaaaah President Obama!!!!!!!!!!! How is Australia reacting to the U.S. election?