Friday, September 26, 2008


While bike riding yesterday, I stumbled upon some great skateboarding teenage boys, who were kind enough to let me take their photos for a while. They were all adorably kind to one another, very supportive, very dedicated, very responsible (except for the complete lack of protective gear), and very talented. I had a great time watching them.

These are some of my favorite photos from the afternoon, not because of photographic/artistic merit, but because they capture a bit of their spirit. Almost all the photos here are of the same shirtless boy, my muse for the afternoon, but the whole gang of them were great. And yes, there's some teenage-boy photoshopping on some of the photos, as presents to the boys:

more of the boys on (my new page for photos for strangers) Lisa, you'll love the figure studies in the complete album -- took a bunch of them for you.

And don't worry, Ma, they were all in one piece at the end of the day. Missing some skin here and there, but no permanent damage done.


Jane Gillette said...


Great pictures!

The one where you left the skater in color and B&W'ed the rest is very striking.

- Jane 8)

Cecily said...

Great anatomy studies for motion and movement! WOO! And great photography to boot!

Lisa Nonken said...

haha! I think the shirtless kid is begging for some killer roadrash! but then, he seems to be diligently trying to earn some battle scars to brag about!