Thursday, June 26, 2008

one semeser down!

I have finished for the semester! YAY! I'm FREE!

Thanks to those of you who proofread drafts. My papers were definately better for it.

If anyone is curious to read my term papers, strange as they are, just let me know and I'll email you a pdf of the paper(s) of your choice. On the menu are three options:

1) Developing the Integrity of Conscientious Dissent. Strongly flavoured, with a slightly nutty, patriotic, Thoreauian overtone.

2) In Defence of Irrational Reasons: Endorsement and its lack in agency. Slightly dry, with a fruity, pointless aftertaste.

3) Twice as Green: Poverty Relief through Knowledge Production through Carbon Offsets. Earthy, anthropological, highly situated within the unusual sub-discipline the History and Philosophy of Science.

I'm off to the City Library now to check out a stack of braincandy and buy a really big piece of pie (there's an excellent bar/cafe IN the library--how I love this city!). Hooray!

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carolyn said...

Congratulations on making it through! I hope you both are getting some well earned downtime right now. I'd be interested in the "Twice as Green," sounds like it could be a fun read. Always looking for new and exciting ways to good around at work. ;-)