Monday, March 3, 2008

the evolution starts here

That's what it says on a 50-ft. banner hanging over the main entrance to the Melbourne University campus. No intelligent design debates here!

Classes don't start til tomorrow, but I've been attending orientation workshops for a week now. The workshops are completely scintillating: "You and Your Tax File Number," "The Responsibilities and Structure of the Student/Supervisor Relationship," "How to Use the Library SuperSearch Database," etc. I am actually writing this during the "Strategies for Success" workshop. On the powerpoint screen: "Manage your time well, prioritize, make the best use of all available time." Check.

I'm signed up for three really exciting classes this semester: Value Theory, Metaphysics and Epistemology, and Moral Psychology. Ok, so maybe y'all don't think that sounds exciting, but I do. I guess that means I'm on the right track. I'll also be starting my year's diploma thesis (sortof like an undergrad senior year honors' thesis).

On an even more thrilling note, there's an outing club here at the University that has dozens of really fantastic trips planned for the semester, from one-day surfing lessons and cave exploration to weekend backpacking trips in the nearby mountain ranges to 11-day extravagent combo hiking/canooing/ATV-ing/etc. treks that cover thousands of miles. I of course want to sign up for all of them, but will probably just test the waters this semester with one or two. And there's a mountaineering club that I have learn more about. SO EXCITED!

And my very own photo tour of the campus: (more photos to be added soon)

There's also a rather unwieldy virtual tour of the campus here.

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Hey you two! I just added you to Please let me know if that's not ok, and if you know of any other Smithies I should add, please let me know that as well!
ps. It's great to read about all your adventures!