Thursday, November 1, 2007

food bank

Today I unpacked just shy of 4,000 pounds of food. I was one of three people unpacking boxes of donated food at a huge Gulf Coast regional food bank. All told, the team of nine of us unpacked, sorted, repacked, and prepared 11,850 pounds of food for distribution. That's more than 9,000 meals, 4% of their annual goal. We were psyched to be able to help, and had fun setting a fast pace.

The food bank, Second Harvest, was amazing. They serve hundreds of thousands of people throughout the entire Gulf Coast region. Their facilities, efficiency, dedication, etc., were inspiring. It was great to see a place equally good at logistics and ideals.

Last night Petra and I went down to Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street, the touristy and local centers of New Orleans night life, to witness the Halloween revelry. It was... out of control. Fun, though. There were tons of queer people around, which was refreshing, and a real mix of people: all ages, races, classes. Everyone was dressed up. I was a cowboy and Petra was a butterfly. Sorry, we forgot to take pictures. Most others' costumes defied convenient description. I played drums for a while in an awesome impromptu percussion jam. There was a lot of great street music--I mean really great. We look forward to exploring the French Quarter in the daylight. It seems strange and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Your passion is awe-inspiring. Be assured that The French Quarter is just as lovely in the daylight, but certainly there's an element of character that sleeps in until sunset.

carolyn said...

Yay! If you go walking around the French Quarter, it's worth a detour to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. There you can pay homage to my favorite Saint--Expedite--and hear his amazing tale of...well, existence. Really. ;-) Love you guys! -Carolyn

Reed said...

Continue to say it... Wow!