Monday, November 26, 2007

dug a hole

My friend Steve and I dug two and a half holes today. Well, I suppose we dug three holes, but one of them isn't deep enough yet. And there will be one more hole after this. The layers: gravel and blacktop pavement (2"), shells (12"), bricks and gravel (6"), sticky stinky oily bluegrey clay (40"). This is a lot deeper than you think it is. Add to this a lot of water that needed constant bailing, since this city is, of course, below sea level.

These holes are what we will cement the posts for basketball hoops into. Travelocity is sending 200 of their staff to volunteer at this school on Wednesday, and we're doing the dirty work prepping for that deluge of helping hands. Literally dirty. I'm covered head to toe in slimy oily clay. And I feel like jelly all over. I'm going to go eat now.


Reed said...

Make sure to wash your hands before you eat!


Suzanne said...

Erika: My fingernails are finally clean. Oh to be covered in anything other than my common work attire of a turtleneck, skirt & tights!

Miss you and Petra!

Marian said...

Hey Erika,

I love your blog! If the dirt is oily, as in it has a sheen (rainbow colors when sunlight hits it), I would suggest not touching the dirt with your bare hands. Soil with bricks also has lots of icky stuff in it. I definitely recommend wearing work gloves. This said from the girl who used to work with contaminated sites....